Tips for Homeschooling When Living Off the Grid

Tips for Homeschooling When Living Off the Grid

Tips for Homeschooling Your Kid  While living off the grid, there are several things, such as animal care, food preservation, gardening, cooking, and many more chores, that will keep you busy and might not give you enough time to give proper attention to your kid. Homeschooling is a task that requires proper … Read more

Tips for Picking a Homeschooling Telescope

a kid using a telescope, telescope on a mount, table, chairs, couch, cushions, house interior, curtains, windows, chandelier, indoor plant, porch, plants

The telescope is a relatively new addition to this ancient discipline, invented around 400 years ago. As long as the user is appropriately equipped, it can be a handy piece of astronomy equipment. Too often, people buy a telescope before they’re ready, full of great hopes and enthusiasm. However, the inexperienced observer … Read more

Ideas for Setting Up a Game Room for Breaks from Homeschooling

Homeschooling has become a new norm for the era

Studies have become extremely difficult for children these days. With a lot of children being switched to homeschooling, both children and parents find themselves extremely stressed. While studies are a student’s priority, a break at times is essential too. For those who are particularly engaged in homeschooling, we’ve brought you fun ideas … Read more

What is blockudoku?


Blockudoku is a simple yet challenging puzzle game you can’t resist. This block puzzle has been famous because of the kind of entertainment it brings to the users. As a combination of sudoku and block puzzle games, your goal in playing BlockuDoku is to remove lines and squares by matching blocks. To … Read more

Quick Meals You Can Make In A Blender While Homeschooling

Bread With Soup

Homeschooling is very common nowadays, whether with a personal tutor or thru online classes. During homeschool, students usually stay indoors with less or no time to buy food outside their house. So the chance of students to eat proper food becomes less and usually lean towards eating instant or canned foods while … Read more

How to be a Glamorous Homeschool Mom

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Being a mom and homeschooling your kids can be a challenging task to do. We all want our best for our kids, and we always aim to give them everything to help them learn. But more than that, you still want to stay a happy mom to produce happy homeschooled kids. This … Read more

What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

What is Minimalist Homeschooling

If you’re a homeschooling parent, or are wishing to become one, chances are you have come across minimalist homeschooling. Does it mean lesser requirements? Lesser learning resources? Less time for studying and more time for recreational activities? In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of minimalist homeschooling, as well … Read more