Should You Have a Disaster Plan for Your Home School?

Man offers a Emergency plan for business.

Fire, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado drills are usually conducted in a traditional school environment. Most states require public schools to have emergency and disaster response plans and put those plans into practice and drills so that the students and school staff are better prepared for responding to and recovering from emergencies. However, … Read more

What are the Benefits of Learning Speed Reading?

A person reading a thick book and different notes

Speed reading offers lots of benefits for everyone, especially in this information age. It’s not just about reading faster. With vast amounts of information available to us every day, investing a little time in learning strategies for faster reading makes sense. Staying current with all the latest news and trends also offers something … Read more

In What Countries is Homeschooling Popular?


Over the years, homeschooling children has become a popular education approach not only in the United States, but across the world. Apparently, this education method is often a hot topic worldwide, with countries that allow and does not permit it. Back in the day, families who homeschool their children were deemed conservative … Read more