Computer Games You Can Use for Homeschooling

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Are you looking for innovative ways to make homeschooling more fun for your kids? If so, you should consider using computer games. Computer games are common activities both for children and adults. These modern games are known for being fun and exciting. Children often spend hours playing computer games inside their game … Read more

How Do You Keep Your Kids from Playing Too Many Video Games?

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It can be challenging to keep your kids from playing too many video games. They can be addictive, and oftentimes parents just don’t have the time to monitor their children all the time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you limit your kids’ gaming time. We’ll also … Read more

Ideas for Setting Up a Game Room for Breaks from Homeschooling

Homeschooling has become a new norm for the era

Studies have become extremely difficult for children these days. With a lot of children being switched to homeschooling, both children and parents find themselves extremely stressed. While studies are a student’s priority, a break at times is essential too. For those who are particularly engaged in homeschooling, we’ve brought you fun ideas … Read more

What is blockudoku?


Blockudoku is a simple yet challenging puzzle game you can’t resist. This block puzzle has been famous because of the kind of entertainment it brings to the users. As a combination of sudoku and block puzzle games, your goal in playing BlockuDoku is to remove lines and squares by matching blocks. To … Read more

How to Make Playdough at Home with Minimum Ingredients

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There are many things that we can do to allow our kids to have fun learning and exploring even in the comforts of our home. Now, more than ever, we, as parents, have to make sure that our kids still get to enjoy and have fun despite not being able to go … Read more

Great Ideas for Homeschooling Activities

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There is a wide range of discussions dedicated only to how homeschooling versus other formal education systems can be either beneficial or disadvantageous to children. But, given the present day’s situation where the global pandemic, Covid-19, remains life-threatening and unresolved, homeschooling undoubtedly becomes the most viable option. Even before the breakout of … Read more

Can Homeschoolers Benefit From Board Games?

Can Homeschoolers Benefit From Board Games?

Homeschoolers benefit from the variety of ways they can learn outside the four corners of the classroom. From museum visits, nature walks to day-to-day life experiences, many activities can serve as enjoyable alternatives to educate your child, transcending traditional education. If you’re thinking of adding board games into your homeschool routine, you’re … Read more