Teaching Homeschoolers to Use Technology

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It’s no secret that modern technology has become a significant part of our lives. We use it for entertainment, communication, and productivity. So why not use it to homeschool our children? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for teaching homeschoolers to use technology. We’ll also provide some useful resources that … Read more

Can Robotics Be A Useful Learning Activity for Homeschoolers?

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Robots have become more and more helpful to people nowadays. As robotic technology continues to break ground in various industries across the globe, its presence becomes more valuable to humans.  For the young children at home, introducing robotics is one way of developing their curiosity in an immersive way and preparing them … Read more

Tips for Picking a Homeschooling Telescope

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The telescope is a relatively new addition to this ancient discipline, invented around 400 years ago. As long as the user is appropriately equipped, it can be a handy piece of astronomy equipment. Too often, people buy a telescope before they’re ready, full of great hopes and enthusiasm. However, the inexperienced observer … Read more

Impact of Technology in Homeschooling

Impact of Technology in Homeschooling

While being constantly connected can sometimes be damaging, it can actually help a lot when it comes to your children’s education. As years go by, innovative technology is changing the way we live, and it also turns your homeschool classroom into a more efficient learning space. Whether your kids are studying for … Read more