Quick Meals You Can Make In A Blender While Homeschooling

Bread With Soup

Homeschooling is very common nowadays, whether with a personal tutor or thru online classes. During homeschool, students usually stay indoors with less or no time to buy food outside their house. So the chance of students to eat proper food becomes less and usually lean towards eating instant or canned foods while … Read more

How to be a Glamorous Homeschool Mom

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Being a mom and homeschooling your kids can be a challenging task to do. We all want our best for our kids, and we always aim to give them everything to help them learn. But more than that, you still want to stay a happy mom to produce happy homeschooled kids. This … Read more

What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

What is Minimalist Homeschooling

If you’re a homeschooling parent, or are wishing to become one, chances are you have come across minimalist homeschooling. Does it mean lesser requirements? Lesser learning resources? Less time for studying and more time for recreational activities? In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of minimalist homeschooling, as well … Read more

Top Reasons Why Homeschooling is Cheaper than Public or Private Schools


Most budget-conscious parents opt to send their children to public schooling for the apparent reason that it is considerably cheaper. While homeschooling is another viable option, parents skip them, not being wary of the costs it entails or thinking that public schools are still a less expensive choice for their children’s education. … Read more

Does Homeschooling Affect A Child’s Social Skills?

Does Homeschooling Affect A Child’s Social Skills?

Discussions circulating homeschooling and socialization have been one of the most researched issues since time immemorial, yet many people still have qualms about whether homeschooling really has an impact on a child’s social skills. After all, a homeschooled child does not have a class or peers to study with. The socialization myth … Read more

Fun Activities for Home Schooling

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Homeschooling doesn’t always have to be endless reading and workbooks. You might find it interesting that you can have more enjoyment when you start making things fun. The fun during homeschool begins when you relax. If your idea of fun isn’t working, don’t hesitate to change it. Homeschooling doesn’t need to resemble … Read more

Self-Care Tips for Homeschooling Moms

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It’s not unusual to hear homeschool moms getting stressed, burnt out, or who feels they aren’t doing. No wonder, as juggling responsibilities on your child’s education, family, home, and other life’s demands can be a daunting task, leaving you no time to prioritize self-care. While you always want to give your best, … Read more

Impact of Technology in Homeschooling

Impact of Technology in Homeschooling

While being constantly connected can sometimes be damaging, it can actually help a lot when it comes to your children’s education. As years go by, innovative technology is changing the way we live, and it also turns your homeschool classroom into a more efficient learning space. Whether your kids are studying for … Read more

Staying Healthy While Homeschooling

Staying Healthy While Homeschooling

Homeschooling has bestowed students and parents tons of benefits, from schedule flexibility, better control of the curriculum, stronger bonds with the family, and improved utilization of tools and methods suitable for kids’ learning. While there are many perks, one challenge many families face is staying fit. Children are at home all day, … Read more