Top 10 Unique Future Careers And How To Acquire Skills For Them?

The rate of adoption of newer and advanced technologies is increasing at a faster pace. The work of the humans is no longer limited to the basic jobs. Humans are being replaced by Robots and AI in the jobs at a lower level. The advanced technologies have reduced the workforce and almost everything is now digitalised.

You need to be dynamic, should be possessing multidisciplinary knowledge and focus more on project based and experiential learning approach.

Some of the unique career for future and the skills required for them are listed below. Moreover, you can also check some important information about New slots designer here.

10 Unique future careers

1. Smart home design manager

Smart homes offer you the convenience, facilities, infrastructure and advanced technology that anybody would desire for. Choosing a smart home designer as a future career can act as a boon for you.

For becoming a smart home manager, you need to possess the wisdom and knowledge about the latest technologies, the mind-set, thought process, creativity and problem-solving approach and also the capability of integrating the things with technology.

2. Automatic vehicle technician

As we all know, electronic cars have entered the market. Automatic vehicles and cars such as TESLA is highly demandable as it does not require a driver and is automated.

As these cars require no drivers to operate but then also, they do require the mechanics or the technician to fix the issues that might occur. So, if you are interested in cars, you can take up this career and build up the skills of knowing about the whole mechanisms of car and other technical aspects.

3. Financial advisor

Financial advisors are the best persons who you should contact and discuss as about the investment of your finances. People definitely want the optimum utilisation of their resources without wasting a single bit of it.

So, a career as a financial advisor is full of growth and you need to possess a bachelor’s degree and would require some sort of training to become a financial advisor.

4. Information Security Analyst

Privacy and security of data has become a major issue nowadays. By becoming an information security analyst, you work for the people so that the hackers are not successful in filtering out the private information from the people.

A bachelor’s degree in the field of computer is a major prerequisite to enter into the industry. Today most of the internet activities are relied on the cloud-based services so the demand of the information security analyst is really high.

5. Data Scientists

The job of the data scientists is the most important job. The data scientists are basically the statistician that work towards gaining the insights about the company and work towards identifying and the analysing the trends of data present in the organisation to deliver efficient performance and productivity. You should possess knowledge about the programming languages like JAVA, Python etc.

6. Human-robot team manager

Humans develop the robots. The human machine team managers look into the aspects of maintain a balance between the humans and the machines in the workplace or in the organisation.

Adoption of AI and robots are increasing at a faster pace, so not only the development of the machines will yield results but also the management, looking into its working, controlling and monitoring of it also is important.

7. Wind turbine technician

Today, the industries and the countries are working to create a sustainable economy and make less use of the natural resources available. Wind turbine technicians is a great job, they are basically involved in the task of inspecting the towers, climbing and repairing. For this you need to attend a training of at least 2 years and must have the decision making and the problem-solving skills.

8. Software developers

The task of software developers is to identify, design and develop the new technologies and the software required by the organisation. After they have delivered the final task, they’re also involve in the process of maintaining and managing the software afterwards. A strong education in the field of software and a professional degree is a must for this job.

9. Computer Game designer

It is expected that the demand for the computer game designers and gaming industry would increase in the future. The games are not only used to serve the entertainment purpose but also, they are used in the training tasks.

The military personnel, the fire fighters and many other people from respective field use the computer games to improve the reactions during emergency situations. For becoming a computer game designer, strong mathematical skills, excellent audio, animation and video skills is a must.

10. Sustainability

Environment has been facing so many threats and challenges since decades. There is a rapid depletion of the natural resources. You can definitely fetch a degree in the environmental science and further join the fields like advocacy, in communications and in the service of the public working for the sustainability of the environment.

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